In an effort to promote an inclusive and safe environment for all individuals within the university community, the Office of University Rights and Responsibilities (OURR) strives to proactively prevent and address discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in violation of University policy.

OURR provides an opportunity for individuals to make complaints of perceived violations of ASU policies by university employees based on the following protected categories:

Religion                   Race

Age                         Gender Identity

Color                       Sexual Orientation 

Disability                 Genetic Information

Sex                          Veteran Status

National Origin        Any Other Characteristic or Personal Status Protected by Law

If you feel you have been harassed or discriminated based on one of these protected categories, please reach out to OURR. You can also file a complaint with OURR if you believe you’ve been retaliated against. Retaliation can occur when you experience an adverse action because of your complaint based on a protected category or because you have participated in an investigation.

You can file a complaint by filling out a formal report form, or call OURR at 480-965-5057. OURR’s neutral case managers will investigate the complaints of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.